The Frightening or Promising Future of Robots?

Alex and Ada — story about a man named Alex who lives in some type of alternate or futuristic universe where robots are under human’s rule programmed with no feelings other than to obey the owner. Alex wants to free Ada because he is uncomfortable with the idea that she has no personality.

I feel that initially, Alex wanted Ada’s freedom for his own benefit, but ends up wanting the best for Ada. I say this because Alex had recently gone through a devastating breakup which leads him into a life of loneliness and isolation. His grandma, who has a robot boyfriend, finds that having a robot makes her feel less lonely so she gifts Alex with a robot of his own. After contemplation, he keeps her, never explaining why.

To my interpretation, he wants to fill the void that his ex left with someone, even if the company is paid for. To my surprise, he never did have sex with her nor did he get touchy-feely, he always asked her opinion, knowing she didn’t have one. In simple words, I like Alex. He wants her freedom, but I thought it was a way to be with her in more than a paid relationship type of way.

I think the author tries to show the development of their relationship in that way: Alex wants Ada to have a personality before he can truly love her and vice versa. But.. there is something haunting about the robot from the robotic world’s warning. He or she (I don’t know whether he/she is a boy or girl) tells Alex risks losing Ada because she could leave if she wanted. A part of me believes that if or when they have a fight, Ada will run away and that could ultimately lead to more trouble. As per usual, here are a few things I like and don’t like about the comic.


  1. As mentioned before, Alex cares about Ada’s opinion

I like this especially because Ada has no opinion showing that Alex really does want more than just company, thus making me change my mind about what I thought earlier on his intentions of selfish needs.

2. It doesn’t have any scenes of love yet

Not that I’m an anti-romantic person, I just believe that love takes time and it would be unrealistic if all of a sudden, Alex and Ada started to fall for each other.

3. The last page

The last page has a very powerful image of Alex and Ada walking out of the shack, without holding hands with the background being a sunrise or sunset. It’s a very powerful scene and captivates me as to what will happen next between them.


  1. The alternate universe that Alex finds to help Ada

Maybe it’s because I need to go back and reread this part, but I don’t understand what and how Alex found this alternate location. Why do they have this place if they didn’t want anybody to find it? Why don’t they just completely eradicate any robots that have free thinking?

Hopefully, I can receive some answers soon. Enjoy the comic. As for me, I give it 8.5 out of 10 robots. 😀


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